VALVESTAR 7 is the sizing programm for safety valves

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Program highlights:
-Sizing of safety valves according to leading worldwide codes and standarts such as: API 526, ASME VIII, ISO 4126-1, AD-2000 A2
- Calculation of two-phase flow in accordance with API 520 Appendix D (Ω - method) and fire case in accordance with API 521
-Evaluation of inlet pressure drop, built-up back pressure in pipework, reaction force as well as noise levels
- Selectable reports e.g. project report, single page report
- Customizable design of report layouts (company logo, adress etc. )
- Range of data export formats, e.g. XLS, RTF, PDF etc.
- Integrated material part lists and sectional drawings for all LESER safety valves

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